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The Williams Corp. does not maintain a list of companies for sale nor do we try and sign companies up for sale. We only target companies that we believe might be a good fit for our client. So why have more than 170 not-for-sale companies consummated transactions with our clients?  Every situation is different, but here are some of the reasons business owners have partnered with our clients:

  • Achieve liquidity for shareholders
  • Transition ownership to a later generation or a management team
  • Purchase an inactive partner’s interest
  • Accelerate growth plans
  • Expand into new geographic locations
  • Grow the business while retaining significant ownership
  • Take advantage of new and additional resources including capital, non-operational/executive management, access to new customers and contacts

Some comments from sellers we have worked with:

“…It was very helpful for me to be able to go through my thoughts with you first before speaking with your client. So thank you so much, please know how much of a help you are to me and how much I do appreciate it.”

“…It was a pleasure to speak with you. You are one of the few people and possibly the only person that I stay in contact with regards to acquisitions.”

“So far the InfoSend/American Mailing partnership is working beautifully and all because of your persistence. They have a very impressive organization in Anaheim and our hope is to achieve their expectations here in Dallas.Thanks again for bringing us together. You are very gifted at your work.”

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